Roseline Akhalu

Roseline Akhalu

Roseline Akhalu, the kidney transplant patient who faced the threat of removal to Nigeria where she would have died within a matter of weeks, has heard today that the Home Office has given her leave to remain until at least February 2016. Public Interest Lawyers who have represented Rose since she was first detained by the UK Border Agency in March 2012 confirmed that there has been no appeal lodged by the Home Office against an Immigration Appeal Tribunal’s ruling that Ms Akhalu could lawfully remain in the United Kingdom. They will be pressing the Home Office to grant their client indefinite leave to remain in light of the exhaustion of the Secretary of State’s appeal rights in this case.

On receiving news that she had won the right to stay in Leeds and continue with her life-saving treatment Rose told the support campaign:

“I would like to thank all my supporters who have helped me so much.”

“I am free at last!”

Rose is now hoping to find a job that will put her years of community volunteering to good use.

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